Pathway to Potential

What is Pathway to Potential?

Adults are the largest single cohort of citizens, who, if supported in achieving workforce-relevant credentials, can advance Michigan's overall goal of attaining 60% of our population with degrees or credentials by 2025. (Source: Reaching for Opportunity- A New Policy Agenda, 2015) Region 7's demand for talent is growing. Nearly 70% of jobs in this region require a post-secondary degree or credential.

Unfortunately, 7% of Ingham County residents aged 16 to 24 are neither working nor enrolled in school, creating a "disconnected" population of young adults, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2017 County Health Rankings. The disconnection rate is higher among young African-American, Hispanic, and Native American-adults. Offering alternative learning models, community-based support, and employment experiences will prepare these young people to advance their education and career potential.

CapCAN's Pathway to Potential Initiative (PPI) will provide disconnected young people with a caring adult adviser, a wide range of services, an opportunity to connect with other youth, and bridge systems to redirect them back to educational and employment opportunities.

CapCAN has historically focused college advising on high school students. Full-time College Advisers support students to navigate the post-secondary process to pursue a 2 or 4-year degree, industry-recognized credential or certificate, or the military. We have found in our work that most young people do not have a clear idea of the careers they might be interested in or the types of jobs available in the community for their programs of study.

The Pathway to Potential Initiative (PPI) builds on the lessons learned in the college advising structure for high school students to establish a pilot program to provide full-time integrated college and career advising. Each young adult will meet with an adviser to develop an "Educational and Work Plan." Young adults in PPI will link with their peers through College and Career Workshops) covering college and career topics ranging from soft skills, resume building, interviewing skills, application, and financial aid.

If you are interested in being a collaborative partner in PPI or know of a youth who would like to participate, please contact Michele Strasz at [email protected].

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